So, the goal of this wiki is to strive to find the true, universal funny. Not something that <insert name here> at <insert place here> finds funny that leaves the rest of us thinking, "What the hell was that?" The world needs to find the definite, resolute funny that will make everyone laugh, no matter age, race, sex, religion, or intelligence level (though some of the lesser intelligent may be confused as to what is going on right now).


Obviously, the classical, world renown dictionary definition of "fun" is totally in the lack of the word it's defining. The dictionary definition (hence the unoriginality of the term, diction) of "fun" is:

  • Something that provides mirth (gaiety or jollity, especially when accompanied by laughter) or amusement
  • Enjoyment or playfulness
  • Of or pertaining to fun (no shit)
  • Whimsical or flamboyant (flamers)

Now, this unfun definition of fun is very ununiversally (pronounced: un-yewni-verse-uhlly) fun, which is not what we're trying to accomplish here at What the Fun?.


So now I must shower you with the knowledge of the real fun. The almighty fun that resides in all of our hearts. Or something like that...

Firstly, I must tell you that Spongebob and Plankton were irrevokably wrong in their pathetically catchy song:

Spongebob: F- is for friends who do stuff together! (not everyone has friends... like you)

U- is for you and me! (i would never be seen with you and your ugly face)

N- is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea! (i don't do things anywhere and anytime, and I doubt you do either)


F- is for FIRE that burns down the whole town! (most people would think this is just fantasmically great, except for those who lived there)

U- is for URANIUM... bombs! (Everyone other than the U.S. doesn't find this remotely funny)

N- is for NO SURVIVAL... (I don't like to think of the human race going extinct so I'm sure you don't)

Spongebob and Plankton together:

F- is for Frolic through all the flowers (if I ever see anyone "frolicking", i will personally find you and bitch slap your ugly ass)

U- is for ukelele (this one's actually kind of funny just cuz of the harsh k's)

N- is for nose pickin(not what you're thinking), sharin gum, and sand lickin (w...hat) here with my best buddy! (I will never call you my buddy)

So what have we learned here? Spongebob and Plankton deserve to burn in hell due to their infinitesimally small understanding of fun.

So I must now share with you a different breed of funny. One that is actually pretty good. Not quite the universal funny, but we're making progress. Slowly and steadily... Just like Europe's population growth during the 19th century. (damn you history, damn you)

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